Get Your Car Ready with These Quick Tips for Long Trips


If you’re traveling this summer and plan to stick to the ground instead of the skies, you’ll need to get your car ready for the road ahead. After all, having a breakdown close to home is a pain, but experiencing car trouble cities or states away is a nightmare. Keep these tips from The Auto Design in mind as you get your vehicle road-trip-ready.


A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way


Start with the least expensive and most effective maintenance you can do on your car. This is to simply have the oil and filter changed. You’ll also want to ask your technician to check the air filter, your fluid levels, and the brakes. If your car hasn’t had a tune-up in a while, you may also need to change out the belts, headlights, or spark plugs. Additionally, check your tire pressure, as overinflated tires are just as dangerous as those without enough air. Make sure your high and low beams work, and turn on your heat or HVAC before you hit the road so that you are not freezing or sweltering in extreme weather conditions. Learn as much as you can about your vehicle before hitting the road. For example, Ride Digest offers many resources on auto parts, care and maintenance, and auto accessories to help prepare you for your trip.


ATV, Boat, Trailer — Check!


If the occupants and possessions inside of your vehicle aren’t the only things going with you, you’ll also want to do some maintenance on your ATV, boat, or trailer. Boat maintenance is not that different from that for your vehicle but, according to, you’ll also want to check for oxidation and ensure there are no unfortunate holes in the hull. Your ATV, likewise, deserves the once-over before pulling out of the driveway. In addition to basic maintenance, make sure that you bring the right tires for your destination. If you’re going to be trudging through the mud, for example, tires with wide gaps and angular tread are ideal. For sand, look for a tire with at least a one-inch traction pad and reinforced sidewalls.


Packing Is Not Just for Suitcases


The items you keep in your car can have a huge impact on your safety on the road. A few things you might not consider are towels to clean the windshield, a wireless charger for your phone and devices in case you need to make a call, and a plastic funnel for when you need to add gas or other fluids. You’ll also want to pack a spare tire, fire extinguisher, and a spare key.


Safe Driving Starts at Home


Just as important as vehicle maintenance and packing emergency items is your safe driving habits. Before you leave, make sure you’re aware of the laws and regulations regarding dialing your phone while driving. Also, stay safe on the road from the moment you pull out of your driveway by first knowing your vehicle’s limitations. If you’re heading up a mountain, for example, a two-door, four-cylinder, 20-year-old coupe may not be the best choice. In this case, it may be safer to rent a vehicle, which is guaranteed to be in good working order. You’ll also need to pay attention to your speed, and compensate based on conditions. Continental Tires points out that it takes about three times longer to stop on wet roads, so slow down and don’t tailgate.


The takeaway here is that a little prevention goes a long way. The things you do now can mean the difference between a fun, safe, and enjoyable holiday away with the family and spending your time hunkered up in hotels searching for a tow truck driver. While spontaneity certainly provides spice of life, when your safety is at stake – and it is when you’re on the road – failure to prepare is the key ingredient in disaster.


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